Your Capabilities

  • You'll learn to:

    breathe to soothe your nervous system,

    manage the restlessness in your mind,

    rest deeply so you can recover and heal.

  • An individual practice may include:

    Resting and gentle postures to release tension and stress.

    Postures to enhance circulation and support the immune system.

    Movement with breath to expand and strengthen the body.

    Breathing exercises to enhance self-awareness and stability.

    Visualization practices to create awareness and focus attention.

    Meditation techniques and practices to move toward Self-realization.

    Practices to shift the body into its Rest, Digest and Heal mode.

  • One to One Yoga - Ohm at Home Pricing

    90 minute Initial Assessment and practice $125

    $95 per session

    Packages available

Yoga Therapy is often used in conjunction with Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine and other approaches to healing.

Yoga Therapy is a gentle one-to-one training and education process that uses the tools and techniques of yoga to help you feel better.

It's a practical, experiential and holistic way to restore your health and heal.

It will empower you to take better care of yourself.

The Yoga therapy components of my teaching are based on

my C-IAYT and not derived from my status as an E-RYT

with the Yoga Alliance Registry.


What is Yoga Therapy?

"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple." - Dr. Seuss

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